Latest News: The project is discontinued

The GSwitchIt project has reached its goals. The major components: XKB configuration tool, the applet - are integrated into the GNOME desktop v.2.6 (to the gnome-control-center and gnome-applets modules correspondingly). The keyboard support libxklavier library is included into the cross-desktop project FreeDesktop.ORG. The only piece of code which remains entirely SourceForge-based is gswitchit-plugins.

But my work on GNOME keyboard-related issues is not complete. There will be more GNOME releases. The libxklavier library needs a lot of improvements related to non-xkb environments and non-XFree86 servers. And probably more gswitchit plugins to come.

Users of the earlier GNOME versions, can still download GSwitchIt from the SourceForge download area. For GNOME 2.4, the version of GSwitchIt 2.3.3 is recommended (along with libxklavier 0.96).

GSwitchIt-Related Software


Thanks to fookb, X11 keyboard state indicator - I've taken a lot of ideas from it.
Also great thanks to all people in GNOME project.

Thanks to SourceForge
for hosting the project.

Thanks to Ivan Pascal and Andriy Rysin for consulting, commenting, and testing.

Thanks to Jody Goldberg for helping me while I integrated my code into the GNOME Desktop.


Sergey V. Udaltsov.

GSwitchIt will always remain free, but donations via PayPal are gratefully accepted:



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